The Law Firm of M&B results from the merging of the expertise and know-how of two experienced Italian lawyers who have decided to  join forces and create a law boutique in Milan after each had reached professional maturity and success.

Fabio Moretti, has a 25 years long background as head of the Legal Department of important multinational corporations like Benetton, Armani and IBM.

Manfredi Burgio, has been active for three decades in the areas of civil litigation and contracts law for a mixed Italian and international clientele.

M&B provides legal consulting services -as well as actively practising litigation, mediation and arbitration- in the fields of civil law, corporate law, intellectual property, and real estate transactions.

The Firm places particular focus on business law, negotiations and drafting of Italian and international commercial/business contracts and it provides ongoing support to its business clients.

The primary industries with which the four founding laywers have extensive experience include the fashion and textile sectors, information technology, horeca, tourism, transportation, publishing and construction

M&B provides a worldwide network of “best-friends” law firms with similar qualities, experience and characteristics. Our extensive network is the result of decades of constructive relationships and partnering with experienced professionals on a global level.

Our ambition is to provide high quality personalised services, especially to businesses,  combining three main aims: quality, internationality , timeliness, ensuring that optimal results are our constant objective.

M&B  is a fouding firm of

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